Knights of Malta

Upper Barracca Gardens

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The Gardens constitute a splendid array of Romanesque arches, balustrades and promenades, and offer an unrivalled view over the Grand Harbour. Whether resting at the tranquil Upper Barracca Garden Café or strolling through the greenery of the gardens, this lofty idyll is most spectacular towards day’s end, when the setting sun paints the opposing Three Cities with an unworldly light.

The Garden was built by the Knights of St John in the 17th century, but its recreational intention typically provided a secondary military purpose, since it also permitted an unobstructed sea-view of the Knights’ galleys, and any looming naval threat; a view which, in turn, Napoleon’s army and the British Navy would eventually intrude upon.

At midday, guns are fired from the restored British Saluting Battery in the newly-revived “Noon Day Gun Ceremony”, and it’s possible to watch the fascinating process of this 19th century weaponry being loaded and fired.

Don’t miss

  • The spectacular view of the Grand Harbour and the Three Cities.
  • The firing of the Noon Day Gun.
  • A coffee in the quiet Upper Barracca Garden Café.
  • The romantic view of the Three Cities from the Gardens as dusk turns to night.

Insider’s Tips

Alternative and equally fascinating views of the Grand Harbour panorama can be found further along at the Lower Barracca Gardens.


Upper Barracca Gardens, Valletta, Malta.

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Public transport

  • The Gardens are only a 3 minute walk away from Valletta’s main Bus Terminus.




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